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Arik Air abuse of passenger rights

Alleged Victim(s)
Travellers from Lagos to Kaduna on 23rd April 2016

Alleged Perpetrators(s)
Arik Air (Nigerian Airline Operator)

Location (Town / State)
Lagos, Lagos

Date of Event
23 Apr 2016

Case category (Choose all that apply)
Corporate Abuse

Case Summary
This case involves the maltreatment of Arik Air passengers by the airline. The story and photos were posted by an Arik Passenger, Peter Iruma.

Justice Nigeria suggests that a class action is taken against Arik Air, not just to compensate the travellers, but to ensure that Arik Air takes its corporate responsibilities seriously, in future.

Full story
just what then should we say about some of our big corporate businesses in Nigeria.
Today, on my way back to base, I witnessed an indescribably low level of corporate fraudulence, misdemeanour, decadence. It was simply unbelievable. NCAA should please please call ‪#‎ArikAir‬ to order, or better still, if, and when the Kaduna bound passengers file a formal complaint, ArikAir ought to be properly sanctioned. The cold blooded callousness with which ArikAir administered crass inequity on hapless compatriots simply brought me to tears.

ArikAir knowingly accepted monies from hard working Nigerians headed to Kaduna from Lagos for 11am this morning. ArikAir kept these loyal passengers - elderly citizens, women, children, expatriates at the departure hall for hours without any info update whatsoever on their "delay". Many had their family members waiting for them at Kaduna airport. Ever trusting, many of them had checked in an hour early by 10am, only to be treated to ArikAir's wicked mockery.
Right before other passengers, ArikAir orchestrated the most reprobate embodiment of corporate bestiality. We came on the scene to board our own 5pm flight to Abuja. The normally ambient departure hall was in uproar. My inner alarms were ticked off when I realized we had come smack in the middle of a melee. A good posse of Kaduna bound passengers had angrily formed a blockade, outrightly refusing any flights to board till they were either boarded for Kaduna or refunded.

Well, we'd all come to ‪know ‎ArikAir‬'s frequent shenanigans, so those of us who were on other flights braced up for the long haul. Some big folks opted to cool off in select lounges while keeping a decent distance. 5pm dragged to 6:15pm, .... then, "pleasant surprise"... "ALL PASSENGERS FOR FLIGHT....TO KADUNA, PLEASE REPORT .... FOR BOARDING!!!" Surreal! Wow! Then the rush,... even worse mayhem (than the earlier blockade). Kaduna passengers emptied from the hall onto the Tarmac.
Great! Now us other passengers could board our own flights. Bravo to #Arik_Air.

PortHarcourt passengers boarded, Owerri passengers boarded, Abuja passengers (us) boarded..... Then the katakata !!! ‎ARIK‬ HAD HOODWINKED THE UNSUSPECTING KADUNA PASSENGERS INTO THINKING THERE WAS AIRCRAFT FOR THEM !!!!!! Just so to get them out of the way !!! Now they were STRANDED ON THE TARMAC ! AND NOW .... SWINDLED,..... THEY BLOCKADED THE RUNWAY !!! At that point I knew I had to report this... I managed a few blurry pictures. Oo I just weep for what we've become down here.

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