In order to assist victims of injustice all over the country, Justice Nigeria will require primarily monetary donations and the services of medical and legal volunteers. However, we will also require the services of a wide network of people with a wide range of skills.

We would require volunteers both from home and abroad. If you visit Nigeria occasionally and would like to get involved with our work when you arehere, please, please register as a volunteer.

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Lawyers/Legal Representatives
As mentioned above, volunteers in this filed are critical to our movement. We expect - at any point in time - to be assisting many victims of rights abuse - many of whom are too poor or uneducated to be able to afford legal assistance.

Doctors/Nurses/Medical staff
We would always need of medical staff and medical equipment for our work. Many of those we seek to help would have faced some form injury or health impairment. We also hope to hold give medical treatment to needy communities across the country from time to time.

PR/Publicity officers/project managers etc
We require people to run our publicity machinery. Press releases have to be sent out. NGOs have to be kept up to date. News of our activities have to be spread as far, wide and effectively as possible. We welcome not just individuals but also organisations to help with this. Our work will pose a big logistic challenge. We need project managers to assist with the planning, so that the events go as smoothly and hitch free as possible.

Photographers/Film makers/journalist
We need journalists and photojournalists to help us capture and publicese our work.

Security Personnel
We require members to volunteer as security personnel and ushers to help travel to and manage our events.

Drivers, cleaners, cooks, artisans...
Whatever skills you have,chances are that at some point in time, we would require thesem. please register your services, below.

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