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Medical assistance for Abosede Ayinke Ajayi

Alleged Victim(s)
Abosede Ayinke Ajayi

Alleged Perpetrators(s)

Location (Town / State)
Ibadan, Osun

Date of Event
01 Oct 2015

Case category (Choose all that apply)
Medical Assistance

Case Summary
Homeless single mother requiring urgent medical assistance.
Please note that Justice Nigeria is not collecting donations for this case. Donors should contact the poster - Ayomide Adewunmi - directly. Her Bank details are added in the body of the story.

Full story

I am sending this mail to you to solicit for your financial assistance for a lady whose care giving I had to take over in a bid to ensure that she lives and not die. Her name is Mrs. Abosede Ayinke Ajayi, she has 3 children aged 8, 10 and 15 and is currently on admission at the University College Hospital Ibadan (UCH), Ward East 1.

I met her sometime last year at a Prayer Fellowship I attend in Ibadan when a member brought her in to be prayed for having escaped death in the hands of a close relative who wanted to use her for money making rituals. At that time, she was so so lean and when I inquired as to what was wrong with her and if she had sought medical attention, she informed me that she had been to the UCH and nothing was diagnosed as there was nothing to show for her leanness within the sphere of the medical information available from the very many tests conducted on her. She further informed me that she was given a list of medications to buy to aid her appetite and help her regain her lost weight. The list had on it very high level protein supplements, vitamins and minerals. I made money available to her for that purpose. We also noticed that her kids would sleep very soundly to the point of snoring loudly, throughout the services. We discovered on inquiry that they were homeless and had been sleeping in one Celestial Church Compound in a very unsafe area of town. We secured a living accommodation for them and furnished it to make them comfortable. Some members of the Fellowship Group also took on the responsibility for her children's school fees and money was made available for their feeding so that she can concentrate on getting better and resuming her hairdressing trade. She recovered and gained some weight over time and started work on house calls to her clients.

Sometime in August this year, she had requested that we should please make money available for her to rent a shop because she was not being properly compensated for the house calls. We were in the process of getting that done when she took ill suddenly exactly 25 days ago. She had been retching non stop for 3 days before I was informed. I directed her to my family hospital in Ibadan for medical attention where all sorts of tests were carried out to determine what ailed her being. The investigations carried out revealed that she has an obstruction in her intestines and that was why she has not been able to retain food or any liquid. She was on "drips' throughout that period and had emaciated drastically. We were referred to the UCH on Saturday evening after her being at the private hospital for 21 days.

The diagnosis at the UCH confirms that of the private hospital from where she was transferred and that she would require surgery to open up the blocked track that is not allowing food to digest and the nutrients absorbed into her body. However, it is the considered opinion of the Consultant Surgeon that she is too frail in body (please see the attached photograph) to be operated upon. We were advised to get her fed intravenously with Total Parenteral Nutrition (please see attached photograph) for 10-14 days to beef up her flesh after which the surgery would be carried out. Each pack of the Total Parenteral Nutrition costs 16.5k and she needs 2 per day totaling 33k plus N50 charges to each set of 2. Additional costs to keep her here, drips etc brings her daily expenditure to a round figure of N50k per day. That totals N700k for the 14 days.

We have bought the set for the first 11 days with donations from friends to whom I forwarded this mail only for the Consultant Surgeon to inform me that she would need to stay on for another 2 weeks before the surgery can be conducted because according to him she has not reached the desired weight needed for her to attain for surgery..

We are looking for 17 more people to give us N50k each or a minimum of N33.50 each to be able to meet up with the cost of intravenous food for the patient. I would therefore appreciate your financial support towards this project to enable us give life to the patient.

Cheques can be issued or cash in Naira can be made available for this purpose and paid into the GTBank Account with the following details;

Adefunke Aderonke Adewunmi

Account Number;0004644230.

Please indicate that the money is for "Abosede Ajayi's Medical Bill"

Better still for my friends out of town like you, cash gifts of a minimum sum of 120pounds/dollars can be sent via moneygram/western union to me in my name on my identification papers: Ayomide Adewunmi

I look forward to your favourable response to this Macedonian Call ( Acts 16:9) and pray that, health, healing and wholeness would not be a challenge either for you or any of your loved ones.

Thank you so much for your time taken out to read this very long mail. God bless.

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