In countries where incompetence, corruption, waste and impunity is commonplace, invariably the weakest, the most vulnerable are the first causalities. In Nigeria today, the poor and the vulnerable face all manner of injustices. Not only has the government neglected these people, quite often the government is the source of the injustice. But then again, many who are in positions to help, to speak out on behalf of these victims often stand by with folded arms. We are gradually facing the danger of being desensitized by daily occurrences of gross injustice. A society that loses its social conscience ceases to be viable.

Justice Nigeria is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of Nigerians who - having agonised about this problem for a long time - finally decided that the time for talking, for debating and agonising without action has long passed. Our aim is to assist as many individuals and communities as we can in fighting issues of injustice, official harassment, extra-judicial killings, medical negligence, denial of basic services, hunger and poverty, human trafficking, modern slavery, homelessness etc.

We will give legal, medical and/or financial assistance whenever we are able to do so. We will hold consultations and surgeries in towns and villages across the country with our teams of medical and legal volunteers. We will also do whatever we can to educate the people about their rights and about overcoming social injustice.

We not only need financial donors, more importantly, we require volunteers to give their time and presence in assisting these communities. Our core personnel will be mainly unpaid professionals (doctors, lawyers, researches, journalists etc etc) supplemented by hired local workers. All those who are able and willing to assist us in any way should simply register on the site and let us know what skills they are able to contribute to this project. Those who are unable to actively participate may choose to support us by making donations. Every penny spent will be accounted for in our accounts page.

Evil thrives because good people do nothing.